Early in my recording career I made a solo piano album called "One For the Ladies". It featured songs made famous by great women singers from Judy Garland to Celine Dion. Now I am pleased to offer "Romancing the Divas" which includes my newer versions of songs originally sung by even more great female vocalists.


This time my favorites were the songs from the 60's like "Downtown" and "Walk On By" though I must confess that I had the most fun with "Nine to Five" from the movie soundtrack by Dolly Parton. My hat's off to all these great gals. I also owe a great debt to youTube and the internet for allowing me to hear all the original versions sung by the original artists. It helped me capture the unique "feel" of each song, for instance the tympani on the opening of "Monday Monday" or the little trumpet part at the end of "Downtown."


This album is dedicated to ALL the ladies of song, whether you are humble or great, famous or te girl next door; in fact, this album is for anyone who has a song in their heart. I hope "Romancing the Divas" will encourage you to sing out whether on stage, at home, for friends or even in your car. I hope it brings out a little of the Diva in all of you! ...Enjoy!


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