I have long dreamed of producing an album of my own compositions. Like the proverbial carpenter with the leaky roof, I have always been too busy recording the popular melodies of others. The songs I've written for Shan Gri La came to me in the very early hours; they came to me as dreams. I kept music paper and pencil on the nightstand so that when I awake with a melody playing in my head, I could write it down.


Some people think of music as dreamy so perhaps it is fitting these songs came to me that way. "Touching Toes" and "Tango el Encanto" have a sort of "kicky" feel that brings fun to romance. "Are You There?", "Tender Moments" and "Sunshine in the Heart" are much more introspective as is "Mem'ries of You".


The title track is one I actually wrote many years ago and have often played in live performances... a haunting melody that evokes an exotic mood. To make the album a little more familiar, I have included a few pieces written by others. They seem to fit the theme very nicely and each one has a special significance. Please enjoy Shan Gri La. Perhaps one day it will be pleasantly familiar to you as well.


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